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Our expert skill and knowledge in waste solutions for our particular field is second to none.


The degree of excellence of our work is at the greatest calibre with a sealed guarantee.

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Davies waste solutions provides reliable industrial services to Residential, Industrial and Council Needs. We have a nationwide chain of support for all kinds of specialty drain works. Just give us call.

We do it all.

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We stay on top of our industry by being experts for you. We measure our success by the results we give to our clients.

Hydro Excavation


Drain Cleaning, Inspections and Surveying


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Health and Safety

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We Provide Reliable Industrial Services to Residential, Industrial and Council Needs

Hydrovac Truck

Hydro Excavation

Hydrovac’s most obvious advantage is speed. Excavation projects that previously took days can often be completed in hours. Equally important is it's safety.

CCtv Tractor

Specialized Drainage

We are the blocked drain specialists that the plumbers call. We have the equipment, technology and personnel to take care of your drainage problem 24/7.


Liquid Waste

The purpose of regular scheduled maintenance on a septic system is to remove the sludge and solids from the tank so that the water that eventually travels to the leaching field is as clear and as clean as possible.

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We Have Full Various CCTVs

Pushrod. For those small or bendy pipeline inspections. Davies can use the specialised push camera for CCTV inspections.

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Hydro: Simple, Fast And Cost Effective

Using pressurized water to excavate and expose buried utilities such as gas, electrical or phone services significantly reduces the risk of damage.

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Drainage Point Repair

Got a sectional defect? Stormwater or Wastewater pipe repair. A point repair system which uses silicate resins and chemically resistant glass fibre, to repair the pipe and extent the service life.

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