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Davies Waste Solutions has invested in becoming a reputable liquid waste service so no matter what size your company, we have the capacity to service your business.

Our fleet of new trucks, driven by our highly-trained waste removal specialists, now serves most places in the north Island. So whether you’re in one location or a hundred, we can take care of your needs.

Whatever volume of waste you generate, we can treat it too. We process waste in the most environmentally conscious fashion possible.

We can treat practically any type of non-hazardous liquid waste stream you can produce. Whether it’s oil, grease or grit; commercial or industrial; if it’s non-hazardous liquid, we’ll remove, treat and dispose of it not only in strict compliance with all regulations, but with the highest regard for protecting the environment. We’ll separate solid wastes for disposal in sanitary land fills; process greases, oils and hydrocarbons for reuse (see recycling below); and treat and discharge what was formerly waste water safely.

When you work with Davies Waste Solutions, you become a partner in recycling too. Recovery and reuse of waste materials has become increasingly important in our industrial society. We’re committed to providing new and cost-effective resources out of waste water that was previously considered worthless.

After accepting waste streams at our treatment facilities, we process them to recover a wide range of recyclable products. Fats, oils and other lower-grade materials recovered from grease trap waste can be reused as components of blended industrial grade fuels. Another important recycled product comes from the treatment of oily wastewaters and grit-trap waste, from which we recover hydrocarbons for reuse in fuel processing and plastics manufacture.

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Services We Provide


Trenchless Pipe Repairs


Septic Tank Cleaning


Grease Trap Cleaning

CCTV Pipeline Inspections

Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting

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