Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting

Davies Waste Ultra High
Pressure Water Blasting

At Davies UHP Projects, we implement the fast, easy, environmentally safe way to cut through tough build ups of paint, elastomers, epoxy, corrosion, scale and other surface deposits without damaging underlying surfaces or substrates.

Our surface preparation solutions utilize ultra high pressure waterjet and water blasting equipment to remove soluble salts, microscopic solids and chemical contaminants using small volumes of water without hazardous chemicals.


UHP blasting eliminates films, chemical residuals and solvent films it can also Remove concrete Membrane 1/8″ to 1/4″ Thick. Surfaces come 100% clean, ready to accept new coatings with maximum adhesion. UHP waterjet cleaning provides a surface that complies with SSPC-SP12/NACE No.5 specification.

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Services We Provide


Trenchless Pipe Repairs


Septic Tank Cleaning


Grease Trap Cleaning

CCTV Pipeline Inspections

Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting

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