tripleArrowsSeptic Maintenance

The purpose of regular scheduled maintenance on a septic system is to remove the sludge and solids from the tank so that the water that eventually travels to the leaching field is as clear and as clean as possible.

The type of system will determine how often a service/inspection is needed. A system which has several components, like pumps, filters, dousers, jetters, etc., will need to be serviced and/or inspected on a very regular basis to ensure that all the components are functioning properly.

We tell people that as a rule of thumb if there are 4 people in the house and the tank is a 3000L capacity, you would want to schedule it to be pumped approximately every 2-3 years. Less people, the tank can probably go longer. More people, the tank probably needs to be serviced more often.

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“A typical gravity system will not require an annual inspection,
but certainly need to be on a regularly scheduled service to remove the sludge and solids.”