Hydro Excavation

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Hydro Excavation

Hydrovac’s most obvious advantage is


Excavation projects that previously took days can often be completed in hours.
Equally important is


Using pressurized water to excavate and expose buried utilities such as gas, electrical or phone services significantly reduces the risk of damage


“Value for money is our goal with large capacity tankers for continuous workflow.”

HydroVac Applications

The Davies hydrovac excavator systems service a wide variety of specialized excavation, trenching and shoring jobs

  • Oil and gas industry

    tank and pipeline cleaning and pipeline trenching

  • Utility sector

    Piling holes and pole holes

  • Communications

    Slot trenching

  • Environmental

    Debris removal and cleanouts

  • Construction

    Shoring cage installs and slot trenching


“Our Hydro Vacs carry 8″ and 6″ Booms for productivity in the toughest ground types.”


Safer, Faster, Cost-effective

The art of digging with water Hydro Excavation Using pressurised water for excavations and expose buried utilities significantly reduces the risk of damage.


Drainage Point Repair

Got a sectional defect?

Stormwater or Wastewater pipe repair. A point repair system which uses silicate resins and chemically resistant glass fibre, to repair the pipe and extent the service life.



For those small or bendy pipeline inspections. Davies can use the specialised push camera for CCTV inspections.