tripleArrowsCCTV Inspections and Surveys

Our high performance systems each have HD colour cameras, enabling engineers to easily identify objects causing blockages and are able to survey pipe sizes between 50mm and 300mm in diameter and operate to distances of 500m in a single setup.

Our CCTV operators are trained and accredited for piped drain and sewers. These accreditations are a pre-requisite for all operators who prepare CCTV reports for long term records.

Typically deployed to find and record faults within drainage systems, we can help prevent any failures in the system. CCTV is used within the construction industry, at the point of site handover. The engineer will carry out a comprehensive evaluation, producing a report on the sites drainage systems, verifying the integrity, cleanliness and operational effectiveness. The report is vital to the assured and complete handover of a building preventing on-going disputes over liabilities, should systems fail.


tripleArrowsPush Rod Cameras

For pipes smaller than 150mm (6 inches) we use an advanced push rod camera system, which consists of a camera attached onto a rod, which can be manually navigated to identify problems. This provides the same level of reporting, but is able to access narrow, smaller pipes.


tripleArrowsCrawler Camera Cameras

The crawler unit drain camera is another remote controlled CCTV camera system. It has 4-wheel drive, colour CCTV inspection and suitable for pipes between 50mm and 300m in diameter.